Sales & Channel Diversification:

Our close ties with partners at every retail level ensure visibility for your brand.

Branding Strategy:

Our storytelling experts have the skills to craft a clean brand story that differentiates your brand and secures retailer support.


Marketing & Promotional Strategy:

Using empirical data and informed trend forecasting, we cultivate a promotional cadence that delivers increased sell-through.

Product & Business Development:

Let us create the next must have-product; we’ll handle the big picture and the minute details. We identify key product opportunities based on the long-term growth potential of your brand. Plus, we’ll leverage our alliances with formulators and suppliers to secure competitive costs.  


Public Relations & Social Media Management:

Get some attention! Our PR experts secure print media, influencer seeding, and desk-side appointments with the industry’s most influential editors. We pair robust PR with social media plans designed to increase engagement through original content and tactical growth techniques.



Strategic Alliances & Licensing:

Our strategic licensing programs increase brand awareness while promoting and protecting your most precious asset – your name. 



From negotiating space and creating marketing calendars to strategic event planning and clinical test design, we’re prepared to manage your brand from top to bottom to ensure long-term success.  

We are Not Limited

Our team promotes growth. If there is something necessary for your brand to succeed we will make sure it happens.