Ideation.    Inception.    Growth.

Our award-winning team of beauty industry veterans can take your beauty brand from relative unknown to industry leader.

Whether you use our closely cultivated retailer relationships or simply need assistance bringing your brand to life, we’ll use our forty years of combined experience to launch your brand towards success in the competitive beauty landscape.

Share your goals and we’ll help you identify key growth opportunities. Together we’ll create a partnership designed to meet your brand’s objectives.

Sales & Channel Diversification:

Our close ties with partners at every retail level ensure visibility for your brand.

Branding Strategy:

Our storytelling experts have the skills to craft a clean brand story that differentiates your brand and secures retailer support.


Marketing & Promotional Strategy:

Using empirical data and informed trend forecasting, we cultivate a promotional cadence that delivers increased sell-through.

Product & Business Development:

Let us create the next must have-product; we’ll handle the big picture and the minute details. We identify key product opportunities based on the long-term growth potential of your brand. Plus, we’ll leverage our alliances with formulators and suppliers to secure competitive costs.  


Public Relations & Social Media Management:

Get some attention! Our PR experts secure print media, influencer seeding, and desk-side appointments with the industry’s most influential editors. We pair robust PR with social media plans designed to increase engagement through original content and tactical growth techniques.



Strategic Alliances & Licensing:

Our strategic licensing programs increase brand awareness while promoting and protecting your most precious asset – your name. 



From negotiating space and creating marketing calendars to strategic event planning and clinical test design, we’re prepared to manage your brand from top to bottom to ensure long-term success.  

We are Not Limited

Our team promotes growth. If there is something necessary for your brand to succeed we will make sure it happens. 

We’ve driven growth with brands of all sizes, from companies still in their infancy to some of the industry’s leading forces. 


Winner of WWD’s highly coveted “Best Executed Brand Launch” award, Sonia is a beauty maverick, leveraging her unprecedented breadth of industry experience to transform burgeoning brands into market leaders. After a successful career working in-house for global powerhouses like Avon and Valeant Pharmaceuticals and indie brands alike, Sonia launched The Beauty Specialty Group in 2008, eager to share her talents with emerging brands in need of 360° attention. 

Fun Fact: A passionate runner, Sonia gives new meaning to “gal on the go.” 


Kristy’s unique understanding of the digital landscape, honed over years of startup experience, transforms unknown brands into market frontrunners. As the VP of Marketing Communication and Digital at illuMask, Kristy helped propel the brand’s light mask to the #1 beauty product in Walmart within weeks of launch. She uses a creative approach to budget management and digital strategy, leveraging established relationships with beauty influencers.

Fun Fact: The force is strong with this one—Kristy is a secret Star Wars nerd!

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